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The OG WhatsApp Pro apk simplifies, functions, and provides a secure messaging service comparable to the well-known messaging app. This mod’s developers have added security and privacy features to make it more user-friendly.

Version: v17.85 | Size: 72MB

What is OG WhatsApp Pro Apk & How Does it Works?

The OG WhatsApp Pro app simplifies, functions, and provides a secure messaging service comparable to the well-known messaging app. This mod’s developers have added security and privacy features to make it more user-friendly.

The current state of WhatsApp Mods is unfortunate, and mod developers are completely powerless.

All of this is due to the policies that they implemented officially and that resulted in bans. Coming to the point, we have OGWhatsApp Pro APK which offers some decent features but not as many as the previous version due to it still being in development.

There are several others, which is why the OG WhatsApp Pro APK is still active and updated consistently.

OGWhatsApp Pro Apk Download
OG Whatsapp Download in 2024

Whatsapp is a popular social messaging service that enables you to send free text messages, images, videos, voice notes, and documents in various formats, and place video and voice calls.

Despite WhatsApp’s regular additions and functions, it still does not satisfy all its users. For all those users, the mod version of OG WhatsApp Pro comes to the rescue.

Also as an alternative, there is various kind of modified WhatsApp apps like FMWhatsapp, AG Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp pro, JTWhatsapp, and many more.

Download OG WhatsApp Pro APK for Android Device

You will find many different energizing and extra features in the OG WhatsApp pro app that you won’t find in the first version of Whatsapp.

Though it isn’t the official one, still clients have unlimited access to highlights and a superior user experience. You can add security features and customize your device with this app.

OG WhatsApp Download APK for Android Device
NameOGWhatsApp Pro APK
App Size70MB
Updated10 hour ago

This makes it a very reliable messaging app. New features have also been added to OGWhatsApp Pro latest version, check it out below.

  • Anti-ban
  • Call without saving a number
  • Base updated (Google Play)
  • Fixed bugs
  • Custom themes
  • Custom theme
  • Block contacts
  • Updated Base
  • Hide privacy terms

Be sure to check your device’s specifications before downloading the OG WhatsApp Pro Apk. The Android version you have and the amount of storage space your app needs are some of the crucial factors to consider.

How to Download & Install OG WhatsApp Pro APK?

The installation process is straightforward, but if you wish to migrate from official WhatsApp to OG WhatsApp Pro, you will need to take a backup. Thus, you won’t lose any important chat data.

OG Whatsapp apk infographic
OG Whatsapp Apk Infographic

Ensure you back up your chats by clicking settings >> Chats backup in the official WhatsApp app.

Moreover, there are two system requirements to successfully run this app on your device.

1. You must have Android version 4.0 or higher to use this app

2. You can install it on either rooted or non-rooted Android devices

Follow these simple steps after you have done that.

Step 1: Download OGWhatsapp Pro APK from www.ogwhats.pro, as the MOD version is not available on the Play Store.

Step 2: Once the APK has been downloaded, tap on it and you will be brought to an Android security page where you must allow “unknown sources” so that you can sideload APK files.

Step 3: Now, APK for OGWA Pro has been successfully installed on your Android device.

How to install/download OGWhatsApp Pro APK?
How to install/download OGWhatsApp Pro APK?
How to install/download OGWhatsApp Pro APK?

Step 4: Once the application is open, allow internal storage access by enabling storage permissions.

Step 5: Provide your phone number. You can now copy WhatsApp data by tapping the “Copy WhatsApp Data” button underneath your phone number.

Step 6: Your old chat backups will be restored once you have verified your phone number with the OTP. The installation is complete.

Features of OG WhatsApp Pro Apk:

Lock System

There are three options for locking your OG WhatsApp Pro Apk: fingerprint, pattern, and pin.

This lock feature can be customized in a number of ways, including making the pattern invisible, vibrating, and displaying a recovery question.

Backup and restore

Make a complete backup of your chats using titanium backup. You can back up and restore your data using Universal >> Backup & Restore.

Hide media by enabling this option from Universal settings. In addition to photos and videos, you can also choose GIFs.

Built-in message scheduler

In the updated version of OGWhatsApp pro, this feature has been added, and users love it.

When you need to send a message at a specific time, but cannot go online at that time, the built-in message scheduler is the perfect solution.

As a solution to this problem, developers included a built-in message scheduler, which allows users to schedule messages later. 

og whatsapp pro apk
OG Whatsapp Download

Block a specific person’s calls

There are times when you need to block a few people, but you don’t want to cause too much trouble.

You can block specific people in OG WhatsApp by altering their settings. The blocked person won’t even know they’ve been blocked.

Support for root-based status downloads

With this app, you can also upload your status in addition to chatting with your friends and sharing images. It allows you to share your bits of life in the form of statuses and stories with your family.

A user can also download the status updates and stories uploaded by their friends and family, which can’t be done on official Whatsapp.

Enable the all-time online option

The recent tab allows you to remain online until you close it.

Picture share limit

A total of more than 10 images may be sent at once.

Full resolution

Allows you to share full-resolution pictures up to 6MB in size.


Application language

The following languages are available: Arabic, English, Hindi, Espanol, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Russian, and Indonesian.

Dial a non-added number

With the official version of WhatsApp, you must save any number you wish to call or message before you can call them or message them, but with OGWhatsApp Pro APK you can call or message any number you like without even having to save it.

Furthermore, OG WhatsApp Pro app allows you to hide your contact numbers as well as lock specific content or all your WhatsApp accounts.

Strong privacy features

In the latest version of OGWhatsApp Pro APK’s privacy features, you can find many benefits and features that you won’t find in any other app.

For example, you can hide your last seen status or not show it.

In OG WhatsApp APK, you can also hide your blue tick and give yourself access to other people’s chat without knowing they are there and you can copy any friend’s status without knowing it.

Online visibility

It lets you know when someone is online.

DND (Do not Disturb)

The DND feature of OGWhatsApp Pro restricts internet access.

Message a number

You can contact them by entering a phone number and hitting the message button or calling button without saving their number.

Sending many images is possible

Official Whatsapp has fewer features when it comes to images. There is a limit of 10 pics that can be sent at a time, but using OGWA will increase that limit.

There is a maximum of 90 pictures that can be sent at once with the OG WhatsApp pro App. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the number of images as they can be sent all at a time. 

Dual account access on one device

The OGWhatsApp Pro app can be installed on a device that already has the official WhatsApp app. There is no need to uninstall the original Whatsapp in order to install the second version.

It is possible to have a different account for both the official app and the mod app.

This means that you can use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time.

OG Whatsapp Features
OG Whatsapp Download Features

More status features

The OG WhatsApp Pro app allows us to share large statuses. This means that we are now able to add 250 words to a status, which is fantastic.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to writing a status.

Additionally, OGWhatsApp Latest Version allows us to download anyone’s status within a few taps with the help of a feature.

For those who like to save their statuses, it is very useful. That way they don’t have to screenshots or do other time-consuming stuff to download images or videos.

Set lock to the conversation

To protect specific contacts or groups, you can set passwords, patterns, and pins.

Stickers support

OGStickers is supported by this app.

Other exclusive extensions

This is the key and most exclusive feature of this OGWA Pro Android application. Currently, there are only two available add-ons. More exclusive extensions may be introduced in the future.

  • A sticker maker and a sticker pack
  • Wallpapers Application

Themes and Customizations

With OG WhatsApp Pro, users can access awesome themes through the YoThemes server. With over 3000+ items to choose from, you have plenty of choices.

When it comes to customizations, you can literally change every aspect of the user interface.

  • Home screen
  • Font styles
  • Emojis
  • Chat screen
  • Set the background image to the home.
  • Launcher icons
  • And many more

How to update the OG WhatsApp Pro APK?  

In the case of updating OG WhatsApp Pro Apk, the steps are simpler than installing the application; just download the same package or APK and click it on your device.

When you’re not sure which package is installed on your Android device, you can open OG WhatsApp PRO and go to ‘Menu > Settings > Help > App Info’.

You can view the installed package or APK here. Later on, you can update the app accordingly.

OG Whatsapp Pro Download in 2024 (New Version)

You can download OG WhatsApp Pro apk for Android devices and enjoy advanced messaging features. This mod’s developers have added security and privacy features to make it a more user-friendly app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to update OG WhatsApp Pro APK?

It is not possible for official distribution services such as the Google Play Store to distribute updates as the original messaging app has changed.

Be on the lookout for updates to OG WhatsApp Pro APK. Use the APK file to download the updated version and install it. Your mobile device will automatically update the app version.

Is OG WhatsApp Pro compatible with second WhatsApp accounts?

OG WhatsApp Pro APK is packaged under com.gbwa3, and it will be installed as a separate app. Consequently, you can have not just two, but three accounts on the same Android device. GBWhatsApp (com.gbwa) and WhatsApp Plus (com.wa) must be installed together for this to work.

OG WhatsApp Pro is anti-ban?

There are anti-ban codes in this OG WhatsApp Pro by Alex the developer, but no bans have been reported from users who have used this application for a while.

You can easily dodge WhatsApp bans with these anti-ban measures and use OG Whatsapp features without any hassle with these measures. If you want to stay safe, I recommend using fewer features.

Where can I get the latest updates for OGWhatsApp APK?

To download the latest updates, you bookmark our website for downloading upcoming latest versions, as the Play Store won’t have the APK version. The latest updates have been brought to the app by the developers making it very easy to download them.

With the new updated APKs, you can download them in a matter of seconds with one tap. So whenever you need to download any updates, you can visit our official website and download it easily.

Does OG WhatsApp work on iOS?

It is currently not possible to use OG WhatsApp Pro on iOS devices. However, you can also try GBWhatsApp, which is a mod of WhatsApp. As soon as we receive information about the OGWA Pro iOS version, we will let you know. You can rely on WhatsApp until then.

Is it safe to use OG WhatsApp Pro?

Yes, it will be fine if you use OGWhatsApp Pro’s normal features, but if you use those features that are prohibited by official WhatsApp terms and conditions, then your account may be blocked.

You will not experience any problems with your device when you use this. Neither a rooted device nor a custom recovery is required. If you want to try the Latest Version, you can download it and try it. It is sure to be a hit with you.

Conclusion- OG WhatsApp Pro Apk

So now you have learned about the features and other important things about OG WhatsApp Pro Apk. It is also clear the data of users is protected by OG WhatsApp Pro as it is designed and built with safety concerns in mind. Use it like any other app on your device and it is entirely safe. Install and enjoy today!

Attention: As a matter of fact, we are not the official owners of the OGWhatsapp, and also, we don’t claim to be involved in any of its activities. We have strictly adopted the procedure of providing information through online mediums, and we shall stick to it. No user shall take an unconscious decision before accessing the app. It is his own choice whether to avail of the app or not.